Dr. Robotniks Ring Racers: The First Experience

First of all, i only played the game a little bit (tutorial + first three levels), so don't expect an actual review.

1: The tutorial is too damn long, i kinda liked how even it teaches you to change the settings, and i actually liked it up to the trick part, they really needed to make at least separate from the main one, plus you can't skip it.

2: You can't load addons, change skin color to whatever you want, and play online from the start, i kinda get why you can't play online (because newbies would be humilated by pros), but changing skin colors and loading addons? why?

3: The game feels really experimental (and thats okay) and gimmicky

4: i really see that the devs had put a lot of work into it, especially sprites, just look at tails, he's so cute.

Look at this boy!